Why Us

Our treatment modules

Electronic Medical Records are available to provide transparency and confidentiality.

Residential 6- to 20-Weeks Program to Provide Personalised Treatment for Fast Recovery

The most modern recreational facilities include indoor and outdoor activities, organic farming and yoga.

Our psychiatrists, counsellors, and psychiatrists are all trained by internationally recognized experts. They will provide you with transparent and evidence-based strategies for helping you in every area.

Compassion & Privacy

Our team treats the patients with compassion, and they are treated as guests.

We are able to help our patients overcome their fears and find recovery.

Our staff respects the privacy of patients in all circumstances. They give the impression that they are living at home.

Our Vision

To promote mental health rehabilitation through an integrated multidisciplinary approach. To develop our services into a centre of excellence for clinical services in the developing world and to be self-sufficient for research and post-graduate training in the area.

Our Mission

Assistance for persons with mental problems and their family caregivers

Training of personnel in the area of mental health rehabilitation

Mental health rehabilitation research: applied and advanced research

Advocacy to persons with psychiatric disabilities

Guide Policy, planning, & programs for individuals with mental illness- or development-related disabilities

Our Objectives

To empower and encourage clients with mental illness and their caregivers to live an independent, productive, dignity-filled life with the help of society and industry leaders, as well government and non-governmental agencies.

To explore holistically, the legal, psychological, socio-legal, and pharmacological aspects of mental health rehab and to devise suitable techniques for daily problems.

In partnership with clients with mental illness, their caregivers as well as mental health professionals, nongovernmental agencies, media and other mental health professionals, develop public education programs concerning mental health.

To promote awareness about mental healthcare in popular languages and vernacular among community leaders and NGOs, public / private sector organisations, healthcare workers, potential employers and legal experts, police officers, industry representatives, teachers and students. This will reduce stigma and allow for successful community reintegration for clients with mental illnesses.

Facilitate training and exchange programs between technical personnel from international and national mental health rehabilitation agencies.

Conduct and disseminate research about mental health rehabilitation, disability, and clients with mental illness.

To improve the quality of lives and to decrease disability among clients with mental disorders and their family members.

Our Goal

The goal of psychiatric Rehabilitation is to help people with disabilities to gain the mental, emotional and social skills necessary to live, learn, work and play in the community. The two major intervention strategies that make up psychiatric treatment are described in the overall philosophy.

The first strategy focuses on the individual and is designed to help patients cope with stress.

The second strategy, ecological, is aimed at developing natural resources to help reduce stressors. For most people with disabilities, a combination of both is necessary.